PIAA Physical Evaluation Form

Prior to any student athlete trying out for or participating in a sport, the student is required to have completed the first 6 sections of the PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (CIPPE) form.  The physician's physical must be performed after June 1st of the current school year.  Subsequent sports seasons for that school year will require Section 7 to be completed by Parent/Guardian.  If a student is injured during a season, then Section 8, Physical Re-Evaluation and Re-Certification, must be completed for medical clearance to participate.

Completed forms must be turned in to the coach or athletic director by the first official practice of the season.  These forms can be mailed to Penn View, Attn: Nathaniel Freed, prior to the start of the school year.

Athletes will not be permitted to participate until a completed physical evaluation form is handed in.


Click here for forms (print pages 1-6)

  • Comprehensive Initial
  • Pre-Participation
  • Physical Evaluation (CIPPE)

Parents/Athlete should complete sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for the initial CIPPE.

Physician, during the initial evaluation, shall complete section 6.

On initial evaluation, sections 1-6 shall be handed in to athlete's coach or athletic director by first official practice. No athlete may participate until these documents are handed in or recertification documents as outlined below.

A CIPPE is good for one athletic year.


Click here for section 7 (print page 7)
Click here for section 8 (print page 8)

  • Recertification by Parent/Guardian and Medical Examiner

For sport seasons following a season the initial CIPPE was taken, section 7 must be completed and submitted to the athletic office prior to the start of a new athletic season. 

If a “yes” answer is given to one of the six (6) questions, than a recertification must be completed and sections 7 & 8 handed in to the athletic office prior to the start of a new sport season.

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