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Grades 1-8 Admissions Procedure

  1. Prior to submission of an application, arrangements may be made with our Director of Admissions to tour our campus.  Students will be scheduled to visit for a day.
  2. The application should be completed and submitted to the Director of Admissions along with the non-refundable application fee.
  3. The completed application must be accompanied by a copies of the student’s latest report card, standardized testing, any special reports; i.e., psychoeducational assessments, individualized education plan (IEP), etc. Applications will not be processed without the above information.
  4. You will be notified of conditional acceptance into our program.
  5. After conditional acceptance has taken place, you may contact our Director of Admissions if you would like to apply for a financial scholarship.
  6. At the discretion of administration, incoming students may be administered a test.
  7. New families will receive a mailing over the summer which contains pertinent information for the first day of school.
  8. Transportation information for grades one through eight is published in the local newspapers the week prior to the start of school. If you have special transportation needs or if your child is to be picked up/dropped off at a location other than your own bus stop, contact our administrative assistant, Bonnie Miller, to obtain the necessary forms.

 Grades 1-8 Admissions Application

 To request an information packet, e-mail Doug Hackman with your name, address, phone number, and the grade level in which you are interested.

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