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Family  / Teacher Reflections


"The moment we stepped onto campus we were welcomed by smiling faces, loving hearts and helping hands.  From academics to athletics, bible to computer, we knew the ABC's of Penn View is what we had been searching for.  Every day we give thanks to God for showing us the path to PVCS!  Choosing Penn View is the greatest gift we ever gave our family.  But every now and again we ask ourselves this one question....What took us so long?!"
Kelly Lotsis, Penn View Parent




"Our family loves the Penn View Christian School family..I say family because that is what it feels like.  It's not just a school that offers excellence in education, athletics, and the arts' it's the family of God where you feel like you belong.  PVCS makes outsiders...insiders!"
The Hadden Family



"Our daughter can't wait to go to school and we are impressed with the variety of activities that are offered and can see her growing desire to learn…She came up to me this morning and randomly recited her Bible memory /files/Admissions/Testimonial Landes.jpgverse and is singing songs at the top of her lungs in grocery store parking lots as well as asking to pray by herself at bedtime.  All of these things completely reaffirm our decision to send our daughters to Penn View.  We are not here just for preschool, but the "long haul" and feel blessed to have Penn View playing an integral part as we raise our children."

Julie Landes, Penn View Parent


"I am extremely satisfied with Penn View.  My children love school and I feel very supported as a parent.  The entire operation is very well executed.  I continue to tell everyone how pleased I am.  My only regret is that I did not choose Penn View sooner for my children.  I am so happy I made the switch this year.
Susan Berry, New Parent

"Every night part of my prayer is for God to guide my family down the path that best allows each one of us to be the person God created us to be.  There is no question that my prayers have been answered at Penn View Christian School.  It is very clear to me that the goal of every faculty and staff member is to provide each child with an excellent academic education in a Christ-centered environment.  At Penn View, each child is given the tools to develop into the person God created them to be."
Melissa Godfrey, Penn View Parent


"We are very thankful for Penn View Christian School - it should be known to everyone how great a school it is and how great the teachers and staff are.  God has truly blessed us by leading us to Penn View.
Julie Keely, parent of a child in early childhood



"What a world of difference that we have found in Penn View.  Not only are our children receiving an excellent education, but it is satisfying to have our children in a happy Christian environment surrounded by such caring teachers and children."
Jen Cairone, parent of children in early childhood and elementary

“Penn View is an extremely spiritual and grace-filled place – we feel like our children are on spiritual autopilot! Our three children love their school and we are pleased with their scholastic progress. We enjoy being a part of the strong sense of community at Penn View.”
Jon Hofmeister, parent of a child in middle school

“The committed staff at Penn View are the diamonds of the school.  The teachers have been enthusiastic, loving, dedicated and challenging.  they have provided an environment for our children to learn and grow while openly promiting Christian values throughout."
Jeff & Donna Wilkins, parents of a middle school child

As an educator, I am thoroughly impressed with the teachers, curriculum, and resources at Penn View. The technology available to the students and staff at PV is unparalleled. My daughter loves going to school each day to learn and have fun.”
Mark Finlayson, parent of a Penn View graduate

“PVCS offers a Christ-centered education in an environment of academic excellence. The faculty and staff are fully devoted to their students, nurturing, challenging, and guiding them, both mentally and spiritually. As a full time teacher and mother, I value their love for the Lord, their excellence in teaching, and their passion for children. This truly is an extraordinary school!”
Wendy Laverty, parent of a Penn View graduate

“At Penn View you will find experienced educators who not only challenge your child intellectually, but also spiritually. Home, School and Church - a well balanced Anabaptist Community working together to enhance our child's educational experience. A Community where God is in the center; a Community where the friendships he makes now, will be friends for a lifetime; a Community where he will learn the skills to make a difference in his world.”
Ian & Sarah Bergin, parents of children in elementary


"Coming to Penn View from a public school was life changing and really beneficial!  I am taught to grow and challenge myself spiritually and the teachers are always there to help and mentor me.  At Penn View, I'm encouraged to be myself and let my light for Christ shine!"     
8th grade graduate

"In the past 3 years that I've been at Penn View, I have grown mentally & spiritually.  My teachers have helped me a lot along the way.  I have learned new things from both chapels and my Bible class.  Going to Penn View has been a wonderful experience."                 
8th grade graduate

"In Penn View, the teachers are amazing, the classes are interesting, the friendships made are meaningful, and the Christian environment has helped my spiritual growth greatly."    
8th grade graduate

"Not only did Penn View provide me with an excellent academic education, it gave me the encouragement to pursue my musical ambitions."   
8th grade graduate



"I believe that Christian Education is so important to give a solid foundation on God's Word and I am delighted that I get to not only share that foundation in actions but also in words.  I am so privileged to interact with not only the children in my class, but to build a bond with their families.  It is such a blessing to be part of the Penn View Family...and it is just that...a family!"   
Sue Hadden, Early Childhood Teacher & Penn View Parent

"Penn View is a place where prayer in the classroom is expected, where Jesus is placed in the center of students' lives, and where God's word is still truth."  
Harry Anselmo, Middle School Science Teacher

"There are so many wonderful things about teaching at Penn View!  The students have an enthusiasm for learning, their parents are so thoughtful and involved, and the teachers are friendly and supportive.  We have an abundance of great resources at Penn View, like technology and our beautiful building and grounds.  Penn View is a great place to be!" 
Jen Studt, Middle School Teacher

"I am privileged to teach in an environment where children can be nurtured in every aspect of their development; emotional, social, intellectual, physical and spiritual.  Penn View provides an all encompassing educational journey for every child that walks through our doors".  
Sarah Price, Kindergarten Teacher and Penn View graduate

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