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Admissions Policy

Spiritual Expectations

  1. The primary motive for enrollment shall be the desire for a Christian education.
  2. Parents shall express their agreement with our Summary of Values emphasized at Penn View.
  3. Parents shall express their support of our mission statement.
  4. One parent must be a Christian, professing faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. Church membership, regular attendance, and active involvement with a local congregation are expected and promoted. Note: Families who do not meet one or more of these guidelines will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Academic Expectations

  1. Students transferring shall provide a record of academic achievement.
  2. School personnel will determine Penn View's ability or inability to meet a student's educational needs.

Social-Personal-Emotional Expectations

  1. Children must reach their fifth birthday on or before September 1st to enter kindergarten. The age of an enrolling student shall be typical of the designated class within one year.
  2. Incoming middle school students will express their personal desire to transfer into a Christian educational  atmosphere.
  3. All middle school students are admitted on a probationary basis up to one year.  The time of probation is dependent upon an individual's adjustment to Penn View as determine by administration.

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