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Middle School Overview

Challenged by our 18 dedicated faculty members students experience academic, spiritual, and personal growth.  Students learn how to manage their studies, work through difficulties by communicating, and build relationships with one another. With our goal of leading and nurturing responsible young people who have a global view of their surroundings our expectations are high as wel work with them as the progress into young adulthood.

Middle school students follow a daily schedule that consist of 40 minute classes. Students participate in homeroom classes (Bible, Social Studies, Music, Family and Consumer Science, Design and Technology, Spanish, Literature) as well as academic groupings (English, Math, Science) for grade level students as well as Honors students. Lastly, students participate in segregated gender classes for Physical Education, Health, Art, and Computer. To complete the day students sign up for our 8th Period Activities which offer a variety of both academic and non academic events.

Academic Competition

Science Fair

Sixth Grade Course Units/Topics
Seventh Grade Course Units/Topics
Eighth Grade Course Units/Topics

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