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Early Childhood

The Early Childhood program at DOCK MENNONITE ACADEMY provides an exploratory, play-based education in a collaborative, Christ-centered environment.EC3 At Dock, there is a steadfast commitment to developing the whole child -spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical-by integrating faith into every aspect of learning.

Young children have an innate excitement for discovery and learning that they bring into the classroom everyday.  Early childhood teachers at Dock seek to build on that curiosity, recognizing that young students learn best through play.  Teachers provide educational tools, introduce complex play opportunities, and give students choices in their activities to inspire passions and foster independence.

Dock Mennonite Academy provides a place for children to receive a quality education while being loved unconditionally.  Students receive support every step of the way through a cohesive community of teachers, family, and church, ensuring a positive experience as they start their first years of school.


Learning through Exploration
Dock Mennonite Academy encourages children to ask questions.  Teachers provide students with class time and materials for open-ended discovery and exploration.


  • Choose objects for a sink-and-float activity to discover what affects the outcome.
  • Mix finger paints to learn about color.
  • Walk on the campus nature trail, hypothesize about animal homes, and come back to the classroom to further explore.

Engaging in Purposeful Play
Teachers encourage purposeful play as children learn to problem-solve, work cooperatively, and persevere.


  • Ask questions while students are playing with blocks to prompt further construction, such as, "How could you do that differently to keep that piece from falling down?"
  • Provide items such as water, beans, dirt, buttons, and feathers in a sensory table with tools for imaginative play.
  • Provide child-safe tongs to pick up macaroni or pom-poms for counting games and to improve fine motor skills.


Forming Lasting Relationships

  • Individual parent-teacher conferences
  • School nurse
  • Guidance counselors
  • Regular newsletters to parents
  • Interactions with high school volunteers and middle school buddies
  • Friendships on Early Childhood playground

Our experienced teachers all hold 4 year education degrees and are strong Christian role models for our students.

3 year olds
8:25-11:15 AM
8:25 AM - 3:20 PM

4 year olds
8:25-11:15 AM
8:25 AM - 3:20 PM
Developmental Kindergarten
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday - 8:25 AM - 3:20 PM
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 8:25 AM - 3:20 PM
Monday - Friday - 8:25 AM - 3:20 PM

Educational Goals

 Cultivate a love of learning
Foster a love of God and others
Encourage independence
Teach communication skills
Strengthen self-esteem
Build friendships
Develop the foundation for future academic success

Developmental Areas

Cognitive and Language Skills
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Social Skills
Spiritual Life




Curriculum for the Three-Year-Old Program

Curriculum for the Four-Year-Old Program
Curriculum for the Developmental Kindergarten Program

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